Client agrees to purchase the above products (“Products”) subject to the following terms:

  • All sales are final and payments are nonrefundable. This document is nontransferable.
  • The Total Due must be paid in full before Products are shipped. Credit Card payments are subject to 3% surcharge.
  • See separate Product & Service Agreement for General Warranty information. Except for General Warranty, all Products are provided AS-IS.
  • Products are shipped FOB point of origin. Client is responsible for
    • Inspecting products when delivered to ensure there is no visible damage
    • Notifying the freight or shipping company of damages incurred during shipment from Contégo facilities to the Client’s facilities
  • The Contégo Jet-LinerTM is a one-time use, disposable product. It must be disposed of immediately after each use to ensure prevention of any possible cross-contamination and infection. Failure to comply voids the General Warranty.
  • Product maintenance is required, per “maintenance” section of user manual accessible via www.contegospa.com/downloads.
  • The above stated or referenced terms comprise the entire statement of agreement between Client and Contego relating to its subject matter and may not be changed without the written consent of both parties.


CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., has designed and manufactured the Novo™ Pedicure Spa to the highest standards. Accordingly, CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., expressly warrants the Novo™ Pedicure Spa as follows:

To the original owner of the Novo™ Pedicure Spa, CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., may repair or replace, at its option, any Novo™ Pedicure Spa found to be defective in material or workmanship upon inspection by a factory authorized representative of CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., This Limited Warranty covers the following:

  • Air Pumps: Sixty (60) Months from date of shipment from CONTÉGO facility.
  • Other Components/Parts: Twenty Four (24) Months from shipment from CONTÉGO facility
  • Accessories and Leather: Twelve (12) Months from shipment from CONTÉGO facility
  • Shipping Costs: Twelve (12) Months from the date of shipment CONTÉGO will cover normal shipping costs associated with replacement parts. Expedited shipping costs will incur an additional charge.

NO CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONTINGENT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES WILL BE ALLOWED WHATSOEVER. This limited warranty is null and void if the Novo™ is removed from it’s original installation, or is not installed in accordance with specifications of CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., or national, state or local codes, regulations and ordinances. Furthermore, this limited warranty is null and void if the Novo™ Pedicure Spa is subjected to improper installation or maintenance, negligence, improper cleaning or any other circumstances beyond CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., control. In order for your Limited Warranty to be valid, your Novo™ Pedicure Spa must be installed by a licensed professional in accordance with CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., installation instructions.


  • Unauthorized repairs.
  • Damage due to freight, accident, natural disaster and/or abuse.
  • Staining, fading or discolorization of the seat, seat back, armrests or pivoting leg supports.
  • Damage or malfunctions due to improper installation including but not limited to, failure to comply with all national, state and local plumbing, electrical and building codes.
  • Fading, discoloration or staining of any part due to improper water additives or harmful cleaning agents or chemicals.
  • Damage to drain pump due to obstruction in drain hose.

This limited warranty is to the original owner and is not transferable. The original owner agrees by using the Novo™ Pedicure Spa the obligation of CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., shall not extend to indirect or contingent damages or injury. Furthermore, the obligations of CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., are limited to those set forth herein. This limited warranty is the exclusive remedy and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or limited, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of fitness or merchantability for a particular purpose. No distributor, dealer or other person has the right or authority to bind CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., to changes to this limited warranty. Consequently, CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., is not responsible for such warranties or representations.


  • Any assistance CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., provides to the original owner above and beyond the scope of this limited warranty does not constitute a waiver of such terms, limitations or exclusions. Furthermore, such assistance does not extend this limited warranty.
  • CONTÉGO Spa Designs Inc., shall not be liable for any other obligations or liabilities as a result of breach of contract of warranty, negligence or strict liability with regards to the Novo™ Pedicure Spa.
  • This Limited Warranty applies only to the Novo™ Pedicure Spas installed in any one of the fifty states of the